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Originally Posted by Norinco522 View Post
Thank you for the clarification; I had several other scenarios in mind, though. What if the purchase itself counted as a gift? Or what if my parents were to contribute part of the money for the purchase?
Your parent has to buy it for you as a bona fide gift. Otherwise it is a straw purchase. Once you convince them that you should own a firearm you could try the old "if you buy me a rifle for Christmas then I won't ask for anything for Christmas or my birthday for the next five years" angle. Or "if you buy me a rifle as a gift then I will pay for math camp this year".

But realistically what is more likely to happen is you will go target shooting with your dad at the rental range, he will get hooked on the sport, he will buy a rifle for himself. Then you can just borrow his rifle. It's easier to get your dad hooked on target shooting if you get involved in real target shooting for scores and not just shooting casually. Target shooting is a manly sport that middle-aged guys can do as well as young guys. So dads can easily get hooked.

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