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Well months have passed and all I can say is that the SB county Victorville DA did not pursue AW charges I cannot say the local PD are friendly as I never got my rifle back. I paid $500.00 to the court $2,500.00 in Attorneys fees for my 12031 (a) (1) charge and lost my firearms (2 of them) but not my right to own firearms nor where any AW charges ever filed against me.

I ended up getting charged for carry loaded firearm in public place PC M12031(A)(1) which I did have and is the reason why I never asked for help either.
I could have probably gotten my rifle back if I kept fighting and pouring money and time in but at this point my time with family and career is more valueble than a rifle (I did get another as another member suggested and it shoots great) A very expensive lesson was learned by me never shoot anywhere you are unfamiliar with or unlawfull in any way shape or form.

I admire and wish the best too all those who have the courage and means to fight the good fight.
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