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Thank you for the clarification; I had several other scenarios in mind, though. What if the purchase itself counted as a gift? Or what if my parents were to contribute part of the money for the purchase?

Oh, and Alfred1222--I am saving up cash and luckily have avoided spending much of it. By the time I leave college, assuming I have anything left then, I'd like to purchase an Arsenal AK-74, and add a laminate stock for the "Russian Red" look. Hopefully 5.45x39mm ammunition will remain relatively inexpensive--or even imported from Russia, given the current political atmosphere. Of course, this will go on outside of California; I do not wish to neuter an AK with a bullet button or a MonsterMan grip and 10 round magazine. Oregon is my planned haven from the accursed gun laws here.

I have again attempted persuasion of my parents, to no avail. It particularly annoys me too, given the intense summer prep I'm doing for my two AP classes for my freshman year of high school. But I suppose I should again desist and allow them to cool off before trying again. I have received a reason from my father about his "arms embargo" after much persistence, though: He doesn't like guns, and as the breadwinner for the family and man of the house, he says that my interests will have to wait until I turn 18. I suppose that I have to respect this, as there is a certain logic to these words--but also a large measure of irrationality and stubbornness that I will have to overcome. But hopefully I have only several walls of his fort to tear down--the earlier salvos stemming from my research destroyed the "guns inevitably lead to death" hogwash. Wish me luck, and again, thank you for your help.
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