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Default Of course you can stay with Calguns.

Calguns members who go to other states can educate the rest of the country to the crap we have to fight here.

You can wake up many gun owners who are asleep in "free states" to the dangers if they elect Libtards.

As bad as California is, there are worse places, like New York/Chicago.

Get yourself a NC CCW permit. Something you better pay attention to, North Carolina has tougher speed limits and penalties than we have.

Drive 16 mph over the limit here in Cali, it is a fine and one point.
Do that in North Carolina, and you may have a suspended license.

Get two speeding tickets in a year here in Cali, it costs you money

Get two speeding tickets in a year n North Carolina, it can cost you your license.

Don't know if they have "traffic schools" there.

Lived in North Carolina for a while and was shocked that driving 71mph in a 55mph (1978) could result in loss of my license.

Had a NY license at the time and I just keep my speeds under 80mph so that I because driving 25mph over the limit had enhanced points.

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