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Originally Posted by emil77 View Post
heychubs, wow, great way to run your wiring!

Originally Posted by Casual_Shooter View Post
Any info on running A/C? I'm assuming with 8 AA's, any 12v wal-wart will work, but would like to get the "ok" first. I already have power run into my safe so I'd like to take advantage of it.

Additionally, if there was a component that switched to battery power during an A/C power outage, I'd buy that.
You can definitely run A/C to it. There are specs on what to buy in the instruction papers that come with it. You simply plug it in where the battery harness would go. I highly doubt it can switch to battery in an outage unless you rig something up...

Originally Posted by jeanreau View Post
I'd highly recommend white... it is such a clean and clear look... It's like daylight in your safe... I could see that others might like blue or green if they do not want a harsh transition at night or want a very subdued look... but I have to say, that when i see the blue light, i hear the theme from Miami Vice in the background and then my polo collar pops up...
+1. I debated about the colors for a moment as well... IMO the green and blue were too green and blue. Maybe if the colors were more subtle? Sort of hard to explain... but the white looks so clean. It looks like natural daylight in there...
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