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Hear, hear...

I agree with Vince on this.

I spoke with Dan on Saturday, and he is ready to pull-out of this committment. It is asking a lot for him to take a complete Saturday out of his life (besides his regular RO duties), come out early to set-up a great stage (rain or shine), and then only have 3 or 4 people show up the whole day.

It is not like the people are not worth it (cuz even ONE shooter helped-out is a benefit to that one shooter), but it just does not balance out.

On top of that, like Vince mentioned, it is taking-up one of the larger bays that the action shooters cannot set-up to practice in.

And one more thing, the bays that are NOT being used for Saturday practice are for the RO's to use. After 1330 hours, the bays must be free to set-up for the following days match. So by setting-up this 3-gun bay, it is also taking-up a bay the RO use for their own Saturday practice.

Once again, there is good Calguns feedback in regards to this 3-gun practice on the first Saturday of the month. But there are not enough shooters showing-up to justify Dan's time, or the use of a complete bay on a Saturday.

The first Saturday of September is the Labor Day weekend. And I know for sure that Dan will not be there, as he has other committments. So I will step-in, set-up a good stage, and run it for that day. I know it is an oddity because of the Labor Day weekend, so I am not disallusioning myself in expecting a large crowd...but we have our ears to the ground on this matter.

Bottom line, we have national-level 3-gunners here, and the tips learned for those who show-up for practice will last a lifetime. Where else can you find a rifle and shotgun action bay to practice during a Saturday?!

Nuff said. Show-up or lose this priveledge we are offering y'all.

See you soon...hopefully.

In Christ: Raymond
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