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Originally Posted by MrPlink View Post
well believe it or not you cant see it when you are shooting it.

IIRC VLTOR (or was it tango down?) had a prototype of a M4 style stock adapter, but I havent heard anything as far as it reaching production.

But yes, the stock is plenty comfy. Thought I wouldnt mind seeing a stock adapter, so I could easily swap out the OEM one for a fixed one to switch to a featureless config
Perhaps, you can't see it while shooting, but what about the ladies at the mall? I may be shunned by the other ninjas. One might have to attach 3 or 4 accessories (I'm thinking multiple flashlights) to bring it back up to standards.
I like to post side views of the guns, if you wanna see what they look like from the front, just come on over and let yourself in...
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