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Originally Posted by Solidc View Post
I wish the SCAR stock didn't look like the Elephant man's leg. Looks comfortable to shoot for sure, but still kinda goofy ya know? Wheres the aftermarket? No offense to SCAR guys, I can't wait to shoot one and I realize that form follows function just my 2c. BTW I saw a black SCAR down at PRK arms the other day. Love at first sight, even with a funky stock!
well believe it or not you cant see it when you are shooting it.

IIRC VLTOR (or was it tango down?) had a prototype of a M4 style stock adapter, but I havent heard anything as far as it reaching production.

But yes, the stock is plenty comfy. Thought I wouldnt mind seeing a stock adapter, so I could easily swap out the OEM one for a fixed one to switch to a featureless config
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