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Originally Posted by Wes View Post
My old 1st Sgt. is a teacher. he was at every training i was at so im assuming he didnt have any problems.

Crashbubba is right though, you should really look into your own jobs SOP's and regs. I was pretty lucky that my company itself (as well as my union) offered its own protection for active duty and reservists, but i think some jobs may be different. for example, if you get deployed because its your units rotation for deployment, you may be covered, but if you VOLUNTEER for deployment outside your unit, you MAY NOT be covered... its kinda jacked up, but i have seen stuff like that happen.
My understanding as well is that volunteering can waive some of the rights you have. But if the command runs it through properly it wont be an actual volunteer.. Some places will ask "who would be available for deployment from X-Y" so not as much of a volunteer, your still picked to go as far as orders/legal side goes...

Its also my understanding, that if a manning decrease happens when your gone, the USERRA holds little weight if your position was eliminated as part of a broader downsizing. Thats one of the few "tricks" that a company could do to get rid of a Guard/Reservist.
For the OP, I dont imagine they would have reason to fire you mid school year, but at end if your one of the many districts that are giving out pink slips you might have a higher chance of being in that group then otherwise. Probably no way to prove that as any sort of retaliation though...

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