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Originally Posted by Hoop View Post
Places that stamp them 7.62 nato or whatever still test them to 308 win saami specs it's just a sales thing. There's only one rifle I know of in the entire world that is 7.62 nato but not safe with 308 win and that's some sort of Indian Ishapore Enfield somethingrather rifle.

edit: 762nato spec was like 53k PSI, SAAAMI spec is 58k psi I think. Like I said it's nothing to worry about with a modern firearm barrel.
I figured that but don't want to find out the hard way. I've heard horror stories about mini 14 barrels damaging by using 5.56NATO rounds and don't want to gamble that with a 7.62NATO barrel shooting .308WIN.

One crowd that would know about this are the FAL boys. Most of their barrels are 7.62X51mm barrels.

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