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Originally Posted by cqbdude View Post
I have been wanting to build a AR10 and been holding off because I have to buy everything new. I can't use some of my AR15 parts laying around.

Could someone please post a list of AR15 parts that can be used on an AR10 build?

I noticed some people are using PRS and UBR stocks. I have an extra PRS stock and I wanted to use for the build. Do I have to get a PRS stock specifically for an AR10?

BTW...I wished I didn't see this thread...all of your builds are awesome..and its making me want to build one..
I talked to someone from Magpul when I was ordering my PRS stock and they said if you have a PRS for an AR15 you can change out the cheek weld with the one designed for the 308 but since I was buying at that time I just got the one for the 308. It is just a little shorter to allow for the longer throw on the charging handle of the 308. Also, my lower is a POF which allows you to use an AR 15 lpk but that is the only lower I know of that you can do this with.
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