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I had a problem that was really similar to yours when i was 13. Parents see their children as something they have to protect from every possible injury or harm, and the thought of buying their child a rifle and letting him go practice shooting is almost impossible for them to process. The way I got around it is by doing a lot of research, which you clearly have done, and than presenting it to my parents in a logical fashion. Show them that its something that you want to pursue over the course of your life, not some fad like airsoft guns. Also, find some friends that go shooting, and have them take you. Im not sure if you've mentioned it above, but have you ever shot a gun before? As much as you might like them, it all changes that first time you pull the trigger. Im 18, and a lot of my friends that thought they would love shooting ended up being way to scared to even pull the trigger.

Honestly, and I dont mean to be rude at all ( I started shooting when I was 13), but your still really young. Despite how mature and smart you are, the older you grow, the more your parents will see you as an adult and the less they'll worry about you. If all that fails, just wait till you are 18 to buy yourself a badass rifle with the money you'll save up over the years. If I hadnt dumped so much money into airsoft and paintball when I was your age, I could have bought an ACR by now.
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