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Originally Posted by Maddog5150 View Post
I'll tell you my horror story. So they introduce the sticks to the aircraft they are assigned to. They call out my stick along with others saying we got the "juliette model". Other sticks are like, "ooooh thats the new model. ahhhh." I'm like, "I dont care, I'm just jumping out of the damn thing." So they shuffle us out and I see this c-130 and my jaw drops and and almost **** my pants. On the side in massive letters, "CALIFORNIA AIR GUARD". Now as a nasty girl, I know what happens on two weeks. Well first day went off without a hitch, second day we were stuck in the hanger for three hours because the air guard pilots were so hung over. Third day, mine and three other sticks were last and its late as hell as its the night jump. Sgt Airborne gets on the PA and says, "Is anyone in here airfarce? No? Good or else I would smoke the **** out of you right now. Juliette just dropped a whole entire stick over the trees." As for my exit that night, I was dropped over the trees but thank god to horrible conditions I think, I made it inside the DZ.
Hope you dont get an airguard plane
ha yeah that sounds about how things run here.. hasnt changed lol. i actually got held over at my basic training company after I graduated.. ya just the thing you wanna hear when you graduate infantry osut... hey congrats, you get to stay youre not going anywhere lol... got held over there and then got sent over to another airborne hold... stayed there for awhile. whack. they were down to 1 plane for all of airborne school... its suppose to be 110 tomorrow with heat index tomorrow. fricken hot out here. had three heat casualties before noon today
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