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I figures this out my last day before leaving jump school that renting a car is cheaper than getting a cab.
Remember you cant go over 50 miles away from jump school so keep that in mind. You probably wont get caught but still, dont risk jump school. Honestly just go out and have a little fun but dont try to make that your main goal trooper, you're there to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and thats going to be the best time of your life.
The strip clubs suck and any woman who is halfway decent has already heard every GI pick up lines. I do remember my favorite bar there though, its off of broad way I think it was. It was something loft maybe? I dont remember but you would walk in to the bar and have to go up the stairs into this loft. They usually had a live band and my friends and I would go there. Bartender was nice and cute and we would just chat up and score free drinks from her

Oh and be wear of the mall workers see your hair cut and instantly see "Sucker" and will swarm you with trying to buy computers or other electronics with credit.

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