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Everyone is always quick to reference USERRA (the aforementioned federal law) in these situations. While it does provide great protection for reservists, I think some reservists have a false sense of "immunity". I woud encourage you to google and review some case law under USERRA. The good thing is you work for a government entity, which tend to follow the regulations a little better than the private sector. Keep in mind however, that some sections of USERRA only apply to the federal employees, not state and local government employees (ie - RIF's, which seem to be hitting bay area agencies hard lately). Just my 2 cents. Generally, I would think a teacher's schedule would compliment a reserve career quite well. You could do most of your training and AT's during the summer. A few reservist teachers I knew spent most of their summers on extended ATs or ADSW and sumplemented their income very nicely.
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