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I know how it feels to be young when the gun bug bit. While my parents are pro gun. We grew up watching 'A Christmas Story'. I've started in the same way as you have. The mechanics is what interested me.

While there is no simple way of converting a anti to pro as it varies case by case.

What kind of hobbies does your father have (Esp one that his father did with him)? That is something to think about and possibly bring to the table.

Be like "Dad, your father took you out _____. While I have more of an interest with sport shooting and I would like to start our own tradition with you." Etc. Find some videos of father/son shooting?

Making him/them needed/wanted could warm things up. As I know it is hard for most father/son's to relate.

I know this won't gain you a rifle. But if you have any interest in Law Enforcement and your local LE Department offers the Explorers program. Should give that a go.

God help your wallet when you get bit by EBR disease / turn 18.

Best of luck!
I'm not a LEO nor Lawyer, none of what I say can nor should be used as legal advice.
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