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Usually i have suggestions for situations like this, coming from a similar background to yours (at least with my parent's views on me owning firearms) but the way i'm reading this your parents are going to be a tough sell. Unfortunately I had to just stick it out and wait until i was of age to purchase, but i managed to help turn my parents' fears down a little by doing a lot of research (as you already seem to have done) and presenting my opinions in as nonabrasive of a manner as possible, which i'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you have.

The only thing i could really suggest to you for now is try to get involved in a target shooting sport. I did this by getting involved in winter and summer biathlon (both olympic sports, iirc). The club i got involved in had club-owned rifles and they were only available at official training, safety briefings, and at races. Plus the exercise was an added bonus (my parents loved that i was out being active)! On the downside if your parents are that against you even handling firearms consent was required for underage persons when I shot biathlon, and i doubt this has or will change. (for legal liability reasons and whatnot)

You are (at least you read like you are) an incredibly well-versed person for someone your age and i think if you keep at (just don't nag them to death) it you will eventually reach some sort of compromise. Worst that happens is you just have to wait.
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