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Default Would like some help...

Hello all, I'm new here. You see, I am thirteen years old, and ever since last year, I've been interested in firearms--mainly in how they work, and their sporting element in target shooting. I have done extensive research on firearms law, operating mechanisms, safety rules, and the like--the entire range of the topic. I have taken a particular liking to mil-surp and .22 rifles.
Unfortunately, these interests are not commensurate with those of my parents, who are very anti-gun--perhaps it has something to do with growing up in communist China? Anyway, I've tried every trick in the book, every logical argument, to obtain a .22 rifle of my own. The financial segment of this venture is a non-issue; I have and am willing to purchase entirely with my own savings, but under their name and official possession--correct me if this constitutes a straw purchase, as the laws governing this aspect of firearms are so convoluted that there are a million ambiguous cases.
As for the exact motive to why my parents dislike firearms--again, I believe it stems largely from the political atmosphere they grew up with in 1970's and 1980's China. My mother's dislike is almost entirely irrational, to the point where merely mentioning my wish to purchase incites a harsh rebuke. This dislike is compounded by the media's copious amount of murder stories--she believes that having a firearm in the house will inevitably lead to an accident--and the relative language barrier between us. With my father, the latter is not an issue, but the former remains. Despite my complete willingness to store the .22 in a range locker and only purchase ammo there, he still believes that again, accidents will inevitably happen. Over the past two years, we have had many spirited disagreements, all of which led to my loss.
Thus, I would like some help in convincing my parents that having a rifle does not automatically transform me into a school shooter, and into eventually purchasing a .22 of my own.
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