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Can't wait to shoot this at Angeles on Sunday. We'll see how it does at 600 yards. My second precision rig, first one was a 700PSS but I love this lighter rig more.

Will use this as a handy 20" rifle capable of 1000yd with some 175gr SMKs once I get into reloading, local range only goes out to 600 so lighter loads will work. Light and handy enough for hunting too if I wanted to get into that.

Only possible upgrade now is a Badger Thruster brake I have in stainless that I'll park or krylon and put it on. Would get R&D Precision to thread and brake, labor cost is about $105.

Savage 10FP Tactical 20" .308
3.5lb trigger
Bell and Carlson Stock
Krylon tigerstripe color scheme (forget the exact colors)
Harris BRM Swivel 6-9"
Millett TRS 1 4-16x50 mil/mil
Warne Tactical 20MOA mount, Weaver 30mm rings
Custom bolt handle
Montana Sling black leather sling w/ Uncle Mike attachments

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