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Originally Posted by Turner's Outdoorsman View Post
If you've got the name of the DOJ rep that you talked to, please PM us.

Turner's participated with NRA, CRPA and other stakeholders who were allowed to participate when the DOJ first drafted regulations for handgun residency when the law was passed. As you likely know, the law requiring residency did not specify acceptable documents. Instead regulations were drafted in order to quantify what could be accepted.

Efforts by pro-2A folks were somewhat successful in the effort to try to allow as many types of proof as possible but in the end the final regulations still reflect the onerous nature of the law, and ultimately, they still unduly burden a lot of customers who find it difficult to prove residency for a number of common-sense reasons.

Yet, as a few posters have noted- a lot of what is acceptable doesn't prove 100% that you really live at a given residence, in the same way that not providing a given document doesn't mean that you don't live at given address.

While it is not uncommon for answers to be inconsistent when talking to the DOJ field staff, we've never heard the one they gave to you giving dealers "judgement" as to what to accept or that the list of acceptable documents was "not inclusive". The actual regulations regarding title as proof of residency are very specific and the language lacks reference to mortgage statements/house payments:

Property deed that bears the individual's name and either of the following:

1) The individual's current residential address as declared on the Dealer's Record of Sale (DROS) form


2) The individual's address as it appears on his or her California Driver License or California Identification Card, or change of address attachment thereto.

"Property deed" means either or the following:

A) A valid deed of trust for the individual's property of current residence that identifies the individual as a grantee of the trust


B) A valid Certificate of title issued by a licensed title insurance company that identifies the individual as a title holder to his or her property of current residence.

We'll contact them and see if anything has changed. Anything that makes it easier for everyone to prove residency is a win for everyone. We'll let you know.
Unfortunately, I didn't get a name. So I called back today and talked to a lady (didn't get her name either) and I got slapped down and told that it wouldn't be accepted.

When pressed as to why, she got pretty irate and said it wasn't a Govt. document. When I helpfully pointed out that a Directv bill wasn't either, she said that it wasn't tied to a physical address.

I pointed out that in fact it was, and she kept saying bank statements don't count. I told her its not a bank statement, but a bill from my mortgage company. She got more frustrated and said that it still won't work as it wasn't the deed.

I asked why, as last I checked in order to get the mortgage statement, you need to own the property, and if you own the property, then you would have the deed to the property. As far as I know I can't call the mortgage company and tell them that John Doe should now receive the mortgage statement's, but his name isn't on the title.

She was pretty grumpy the whole time, and not very helpful at all. Maybe someone else had called and asked her the same question recently, but all she would say if "its not on the list, it doesn't work."

So how do we get that changed
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