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Originally Posted by SalfromCal View Post
Oh, wow, that's a shame! All of this is new for me...Yeap! They are pretty and I'm one of those average guys who shoots 50-100 or probably 200 rounds a month, not one of those competition shooter and that's probably why it has been working great for me all these years, unless I have one with the good quality parts But anyhow, thanks for the info, I guess I will have to do some reading regarding thees pistols.

I want to make it clear that not EVERY Kimber is going to be a poor performer. Here is a great read from Hilton Yam - It is also important to note that Yam used to be a huge Kimber supporter. Around 2007-2008 their guns significantly changed for the worse.

Originally Posted by Hilton Yam
While I generally frown upon the dredging up of old threads, I thought that it was important to bring this back due to its frequent referencing all over the internet. It always seems to be the case that someone who owns one or two Kimbers gets very offended when they see the withdrawal of recommendation of the Kimbers for duty use. If your gun(s) work for whatever you're doing, then great. We are not suggesting that every single Kimber is unsatisfactory, nor are we saying that you shouldn't own one for whatever it is you're doing. Note also that we are not making recommendations for recreational use nor are we suggesting that a single sample can't be tweaked to run great. What we are saying is that an LEO looking to purchase the pistol to use right out of the box is going to be better served with another choice that is more statistically likely to work correctly as it comes from the factory. Don't overlook the volume of empirical data that we'd pooled to come to this decision. It is not based on one or two guns that we own and have 500 rounds through. After recently spending a few days with over 20 Kimber Warriors each with over 3,000 rounds mileage, the previously cited conclusions all continue to ring very true. This collection of pistols, all in street service, had such an alarming failure rate that we were unable to complete a single string of fire without one or more malfunctions somewhere on the line. The issues, much as we've stated, included:
-Feedway malfunctions with OEM Kimber TacPro mags - rounds would nose down into the frame below the feedramp
-Feedway malfunctions with quality aftermarket magazines. The feedramps were improperly dimensioned and all the guns came with the Kimpro finish on the feedramp so they became sticky with extended firing.
-Extractor tension failures - some of the extractors fell right out of the slides upon disassembly
-Slide stop problems - premature lockbacks, failure to lock back, or improper lockback such that seating a magazine caused the slide to drop
-Rear sights falling out

After the above issues were addressed, the guns ran fine.

The sample size is not insignificant and the observations are not to be ignored or glossed over with feelgood sentiment.
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