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Originally Posted by duster1974 View Post
I received my Ventura CCW packet this week. Is it advised to wait until these GCs are released or just get on with it?

I sent my GC to two advertised forum advisers and both came back negative. I had already requested the packet before seeking advice, so I'm thinking just get on with it and see what happens?

Also, does anyone know of any successful appeals to CCW denial in Ventura County?
Originally Posted by greasemonkey View Post
If you're willing to wait a bit (maybe a few weeks to a few months) to apply, CGF will need all the applicants they can get to test Ventura, your participation in the drill would be very helpful not only to other Ventura Co. residents but potentially to future CCW-related cases all over the State. Waiting on Public Records Request/lawsuit to finalize.

The county has 30 days left to comply with the courts order to release the information that CGF has requested. It's tough to wait to exercise a right that you shouldn't need permission to exercise in the first place, but in this case its the most prudent course of action. Hang tight, it wont be much longer.
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