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Originally Posted by Sionadi View Post
Can you give me a rundown on what a officer program is/involves?
Officer programs like OCS are available to individuals who have earned a 4 year degree and meet competitive academic and physical requirements. Others go ROTC (which sounds like a more appropriate route in your case if you choose to serve as a commissioned officer). Others I know who are pursuing or have achieved specialized advanced degrees such as medical and dental doctorates attend a shortened version of officer training and end up practicing their specialties in the military as commissioned officers (army/navy/airforce specific).

As others have stated for enlistment, definitely pick out an MOS unless you REALLY have no idea and don't care what you will be doing. No doubt the military will mature you faster beyond your civilian peers. A commissioned route of first earning a 4 yr degree may make your parents more receptive to the idea of you in the military. Either way, if you do enlist soon your family may be upset at first but will more than likely get over it in due time.
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