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Originally Posted by Ledbetter View Post
Do you have a requirement that PPT customers must buy a lock from you, or provide a lock with proof it was purchased in the last 30 days, in order to complete the transfer?

If so, what law requires this or is it simply a Turner's policy?
CA requires that all firearms sold or transferred, including PPT's passing through a dealer, include or be accompanied by an approved firearm safety device. (12088.1.(a) )

There is an exemption for FSD's purchased within 30 days of the transfer date, provided that the device is presented to the dealer, a receipt dated within 30 days is also presented to the dealer and that the dealer verifies everything and retains a copy of that receipt. (12088.1. (e) (1-5)

There is also an exemption that allows the customer to sign an affidavit attesting to ownership of a gun safe. However, the Federal CSLA of 2005, does not acknowledge that affidavit with respect to handgun transfers. (Transfers of curio's are exempt from this requirement, though.)

Most but not all customers will opt to purchase a lock from us at the time of a handgun PPT as a convenient alternative to providing the lock and receipt purchased 30 days prior. On long gun PPT's, most customers own safes and are signing affidavits.

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