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Originally Posted by Turner's Outdoorsman View Post
Thank you for sharing that. We definitely have some things that we've go to work on and streamlining the PPT process and becoming more PPT-friendly is one of our priorities.
On the topic of transfers; would you be willing to change your pricing for dealer transfers?

I know PPT's are capped at the 25+10, but for other transfers you charge over 100$. This is very... prohibitive to getting me into your store. I've done a few dealer transfers in the past couple years and have avoided Turners because of the exhorbitant cost. I took my savings and bought a couple of accessories for each of the guns and some ammo. I'd have rather spent it at Turners since I'm rediculously close to one of your locations ( I live closer than every employee who works there to my knowledge).
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1911's instill fairy dust in the bullets, making them more deadly.
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