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I am a high school teacher and I agree with the recruiters when they say school is for fools. When you join the military you have pay, housing and importantly a personel record where you have been evaluated and documented performance. This will help when you want a civillian job because its better than your starbucks supervisor saying you make customers good coffee.
And when you want to go to college you can. Plus youll be in the real world and probably not waste your time on some dumb useless major like a lot of civillians get brainwashed into doing. I dont know about the usmc but the army has a program called green to gold where you basically go to school full time in the army. Rotc is another option. Just ask your older friends how easy finding a job is after college. Finishing rotc will give you a job that pays a nice living and will either give you responsibility over a platoon or a 10 million dollar budget or more as an xo. That aslo carries well as experience in the civillian world. Almost any job now has experience as a prerequisite and the military is one of the few places where they will offer it to you at a competetive wage.
Joining the military has so many benefits that I did it at 27 with an established career and I just wish I did it earlier.
Your parents will be proud of you after boot camp. My only suggestion is to get the most pog job possible if you want to go to college and look at all the branches and options before going with one. Remember that recruiters got their job because they love their service and want to sell it.
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