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Originally Posted by Icypu View Post
Does Turners have an official policy and manager training in place regarding CA C&R FFL licenses and CADOJ COE holders. In briefly discussing with local sales at a store, they seemed adamant that no person could walk into the store buy a rifle or pistol 50 years old or older and leave. Of course, with these documents, in compliance with state and federal law, you can buy a C&R firearm and take it home the day of.

With the amazing selection of used and C&R firearms that appear instore, there should be more effort to provide better service to C&R, COE holders.
Please PM or e-mail me with information regarding a particular store with regards to this.

We sell curio firearms on a regular (at least a few times a week, usually) basis to folks with C&R/COE credentials, so please get back to me and we can work with our Store Sales/Management Director to address specific issues that you've run into.

Thank you.
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