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Originally Posted by JoeinLA View Post
I'm new to the whole gun thing but i'd like to say that the wait times at the turners near me are simply ridiculous. Ive been there 3 times, each at different times of the day and different days, and each time i waited at least 45 mins (once it was an hour and 15 mins). I was willing to wait bc of the great selection and prices, but the wait was extremely frustrating...

I will say, however, that once i got past the wait, the service was top notch. Each of the salespeople that i talked with was very friendly (not condescending/patronizing) and more than willing to spend alot of time with me. Now, i can see how its hard to have the great, patient service without the long waits, but now i dont go to turners just bc i think of all the time i'll spend just standing in line.

Not sure how you can speed up the line without impacting the great customer interaction other than hiring more people. I understand the costs and other factors that come with that statement, but thought i'd throw out my 0.02 since i really liked the people, but nowadays i dont really consider going to turners bc i'll end up wasting 1/2 my afternoon driving there and waiting in line.
First off, welcome Turners! longtime shopper at your reseda location (3+ guns at that store alone).

I love turners prices and their selection as well as the fact that the people that work there are usually wonderful to deal with.
I do have to say that I do share much of the sentiment expressed previously regarding wait times. I wonder if even just having a single greeter/roamer type of person to answer super trivial questions about stuff would be helpful. I totally appreciate all of the factors that go into making this a challenge but I'm simply saying that it would be my first area of improvement. I recently opted to goto another less friendly store because I anticipated the wait time. That being said I will happily return because I do think your people are great.
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