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Thanks for all the responses. I dont know if any of you read my post about what happened to my sis on halloween. She went riding out in Johnson Valley with her husband and his family and unwisely seperated from the group. She dismounted her bike where then she was a victem of a hit and run. Being laid out, she called for help but if you're on a dirt bike, you arent going hear anyone. Luckly they came across her at twilight. She had her leg ripped open almost to the artery and her brain was bleeding. She is ok now and still a PITA so she is back to normal. After that I always carry a kit with me. She is a paramedic and her husband a firefighter but she was going in and out of conciousness until they were able to get her out of there and he was the last to be found when he was somewhere else looking for her.
CLS is VERY basic. Yeah the sticking comes in handy when you're drunk but less someone is in severe loss of liquids, dont stick. Other than that its the same as regular first aid anyways, thats why I asked. Not trying to have a kit ready for SHTF zombies blow out super gunfight time Its actually a pretty big neon orange anti tacticool bag.
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