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The test you took is the EST(forgot what it stands for), it looks at your ability in math and english. Don't just look into one job field, after you do take your ASVAB let your Marine recruiter present you what you qualify in terms of your score, remember some fields need to have certain medical test i.e. color blind-you can't be a Military Police, etc.

Convincing your parents rest solely on you with some help from your recruiter. If you wanted to be a Marine bad enough you will be able to convince your parents. Remember, you still have to graduate from high school, don't get any tattoos, don't get into trouble with the law...even a traffic ticket. Any problem can prevent you from getting certain jobs and or being a Marine.

Bonuses are for well qualified individuals, if you are qualified then you can get it.

Do not join because of bonuses, money, jobs, etc. All services have the same bonuses and incentives, it is just not being advertise more in the Marines. Why you might ask?If you join the Marines just because of bonuses and such alone, you will hate it.......Join the Marines because you want to be a Marine, it is not for everybody.

Goodluck on your decision.

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