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Originally Posted by kozumasbullitt View Post
Thanks, and the scar is a real shooter! I heard 1 MOA with FGMM and good shooting but I shot a .8 5 shoot group with bad shooting. The Scar did not feel like an AR to me and I need to get familiar with the recoil and positioning. I was also messing around with the scope a lot because I had a lot of eye relief and had a hard time getting back into position. I think with a good shooter and the right ammo, 1/2 MOA is possible.
Im sure with custom loads and a good shooter 1/2in groups are doable

Best I ever got was 1moa, and that was with FGMM and that was with a comp M4 and LaRue 2.5x mag. I should also point out Im blind (well, not really) and a terrible shot, so no complaints here at all.
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