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Hello! I was browsing internet land, and although I learned to shoot as a kid, it wasn't until I picked up airsoft (it's better than paintball) as a hobby to that I found a deeper desire to learn more about actual firearms...

The only difference between men and boys as they say...

Anywho, I ship off to BCT and AIT to be an MP (31B) in the Army next month, and I plan to start a rifle collection and maybe start picking up on hunting afterwards.

I doubt I'll spend much of my service time in CA, but I do plan on returning to CA to start a LE career (most likely back in the Bay Area) after I'm out.

But I do want to browse around and learn what I can about CA's rifle, gun, and hunting laws.

I actually already did a bit of searching about the gorgeous dragunov, only to find some disappointing results... *sigh*

But I know I love shooting, and I love CA, so I guess I'm in the right place.
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