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This is a classic example of a person not committed to his decision.

-go ahead and go to college, finish your degree. The thing is when he tries out again he might not be even qualified. Things change every time from the requirements to your brothers situation at that time. A lot of things can happen between now and then (knock on wood), from DUI, drug use, legal issues to tattoos. I am not saying your brother is a trouble maker however, like what I said things can change and you can not predict that. I have seen it happen.

-yes he can not go and quit right now just give a reach around to his recruiter so he knows what to do when he gets yelled at. When a Marine on recruiting duty tells his SNCOIC that he's got one who wants to be a Marine, he goes by the Marines word that this person he is putting in the delayed entry program will eventually go to bootcamp. And that Marine actually takes the kids word that he wants to be a Marine. When you say something to a Marine he will trust you with that word. Breaking that trust is a big thing to any Marine.

- your brother can go to college and still be a Marine, reserves is the answer. And guess what, GI bill can pay for his tuition.

-if you ask for a certain job field (not MOS) in the Marines that is normal, however if you insist and you are not open minded on anything else go somewhere else. Believe me the first job field that gets taken is the infantry so the myth that they will give you infantry first is bull. Remember you will be Marine first then your job in the Marines.

-Marines right now is actually getting smaller. When I joined almost two decades ago there were 175K of us, last year there were 205K of us in which the congress mandated 202K. There are units that is slated to be activated and now it is not going to happened. So qualifications of joining are getting tighter, staying in is also getting harder. Only 36% of first time enlistees can stay for another 4 years.

-tell your brother make sure he is sure on what he wants because he might regret it. He is given a chance to be a Marine, there might not be another chance.

-oh yeah I was in recruiting field for 4 years. The usual stint is 3 years I volunteered for another year because I like to help people and change their life and be a Marine. Your brother is the reason I came back to the fleet, too much indecision, too much families not supporting their sons/daughters.

Better quit now than quit when the bullets are flying.

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