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Default Questions you would like to ask Turners

Open to all for posting questions you would like answered.

Welcome Turners to Calguns,My question is when are you guys going to bring back 90 day lay-away? The 90 day lay-away made it possible for me to buy more exspensive firearms. Yes I know I can also save up but for some of us that is not a reality. Bob at Field Times in Westminster has 90 lay-away and I have for the record in the last year bought six firearms from him. He will match most advertised prices also. Only had him say no to one because it was on a discontinued model. Happened to be an add from you guys on a tiger camo shotgun.

I have been recently meandering into the Fountain valley store lately. I dont know where Mike has been ? Waiting to run into him so he can bore sight my Howa .308. I did a PPT not too long ago there and Neil made it pretty effortless. I also had one of the sales reps show me how a bore snake works. Yep didnt know never really thought about trying one. She did a great demonstration, Answered my questions. I wound up buying one that I need to return since you just put them on sale for 5 dollars cheaper! LOl just got it two days ago. So to me things are looking up. Bring back 90 day lay-away! If you did there would be a G17 with my name on it!

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