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Originally Posted by Josh3239 View Post
I gotta say, I never understand these types of responses. I mean, I understand the recruiters work their tales off, but in the first sentence you act like you don't want him in the military and in the second it sounds like you want him to honor his "commitment". Which one is it? As for not able to handle the military life, he wasn't in the military for starters and had no obligation to go. Going to MEPS and getting approved and choosing your job is like applying for a job and getting an offer in response. There is no obligation to accept. If the guy wants to get his degree first that can only benefit the military. Throwing a tantrum sure doesn't benefit the military.
I am bias, I am just trying to get the opinions from others, so I can better help him out make the right decision. To me I think it's a great idea for him to serve, but at the same time I know the importance of college dedication. This is why I came here asking for advises from people who have serve.

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