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It boils down to what you are comfortable with and can justify... What I tell my medics (as a medic instructor for the army) is treat with the least amount of interventions possible. That being said do what you need to do in order to keep joe/jane alive, but exercise common sense.

I'd stay away from combat Gauze/IV (i know they took them away from CLS but not everyone got the message), and airways unless really necessary. In regards to CATs don't worry unless they are 6+ hours out of a hospital, cause there in no conclusive evidence that tourniquet = amputation if it's less than 6 hrs. We obviously want to control the bleeding. (remember to check for distal pulses after application.)

When questioned I'd inform them you helped but wouldn't mention CLS, which could give you issues if you did an intervention wrong and killed/harmed the individual. (you would be saying you are "Trained" which can being a world of hurt if you mess up)... just keep it simple, and say you were a good samaritan.

~end of soapbox~
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