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Originally Posted by generalpetres View Post
i would have to advise against using the 17 hmr in a semi auto platform, if you recall a while back there was this Warning. If you really want a 17hmr stick to a bolt action rifle. i love my savage 93r rifle and is a very fun and accurate gun.
As 7.62 Charlie said, only in the Remington 597 because they were using a tungsten alloy which made it VERY brittle. Alexander Arms has repeatedly addressed this issue in the gun media and have proven there are no such problems whatsoever in their .17 AR. Volquartsen also makes .17 semi-auto's with no problems whatsoever.

Of course Remington blamed it on the ammo rather than their gun. And of course they say the .17 HMR is no good for ANY semi-auto, because they don't make one and the competition does.
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