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Originally Posted by conanobrennan View Post
damn, i wish i had found this thread a couple of days ago. I ended up purchasing a M1991A1 series 80. too bad its a consignment they had just gotten so i won't get it until the end of july. no matter. more time for me to research and get comfortable with legal dog and pony show.

I have a question for you about reloading, what is your approximate cost per reloaded round compared to buying by the box and then buying in bulk. I have some friends that reload but i'm curious of your experiences as well.

Thanks again for a great guide. I would suggest maybe including some links to the discussions on legal carrying procedures as well since this will also be a common question for beginners.

I bought mine through turners and all they said i needed to purchase was a cable lock but it sounds like it is better to transport a gun in a locked case with ammo probably separate (but not necessary). Also whats the best way to store ammo? get some metal tins from an army surplus store? any concerns with moisture/heat/light?
Cost per round when you reload depends on how much you buy your components for. Generally, you can half the costs of commercial ammo. I can reload 9mm at around $.11 per round, and .45ACP for $.16 per round.

Get the cable lock (even though it doesn't do anything to satisfy the legal transportation requirements) since Turners will require it. If you have a locking trunk, just put the pistol in a hard case and wrap the cable lock around the handle, and just throw it into your trunk. It gets a little more complicated and there's more to it, but doing this will just be the easy way without having to explain all the stupid little details to do it a different way.

The ammo does not need to be separated from the gun, though your gun cannot be loaded. You can legally have loaded magazines in the same container, but the mag cannot be inserted into the gun, and there cannot be a round in the chamber either.
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