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I've been meaning to buy/build a tent to take better photos of the parts I make and work on. After talking to a friend that shoots photos for a while he sent me a few links with photos of some home built tents so I took a box and paper from work, picked up a sheet from WalMart and used a clamp light I've had sitting in the garage. I have a total of $11 into this thing including the clamp light.

I'm taking the photos with my phone (Nexus S).

The box is around 24"x24"x20".

I first cut out the top and the front, leaving around 2"-3" around the edges.

Then cut the paper to fit.

Once the paper was cut I cut windows in the sides. Also leaving 2"-3" around the edges.

After I cut out the box I wrapped it with a white sheet. The front of the sheet can drop down to cover the front door.

Then cut a slit thru both the sheet and the box to attach the clamp light.

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