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damn, i wish i had found this thread a couple of days ago. I ended up purchasing a M1991A1 series 80. too bad its a consignment they had just gotten so i won't get it until the end of july. no matter. more time for me to research and get comfortable with legal dog and pony show.

I have a question for you about reloading, what is your approximate cost per reloaded round compared to buying by the box and then buying in bulk. I have some friends that reload but i'm curious of your experiences as well.

Thanks again for a great guide. I would suggest maybe including some links to the discussions on legal carrying procedures as well since this will also be a common question for beginners.

I bought mine through turners and all they said i needed to purchase was a cable lock but it sounds like it is better to transport a gun in a locked case with ammo probably separate (but not necessary). Also whats the best way to store ammo? get some metal tins from an army surplus store? any concerns with moisture/heat/light?
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