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I'm in the process of relocating my residence to Butte County so have been looking into this question. The most helpful resource I've found so far has been the Chico Rod & Gun Club, who appear to offer CCW class/qualification sessions twice monthly. They have a 7 minute YouTube video discussion of the process:

I get the impression the thing to do is to go to your class/qualification first, THEN go down to the sheriff's office with the target/class certificate. They don't bother with an interview.

Paradise Rod & Gun Club also does CCW classes/qualifications but their website only mentions that they're held sometimes on Sundays.

To answer the question I asked a few messages up in the thread, I understand that the qualification target is approximately the size of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper - it's the center ring(s) of a B-29 NRA target, so it'll be a little more oval than the rectangular paper.
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