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Originally Posted by One78Shovel View Post
I have a co-worker who just submitted his renewal as well. He was told it should go failry quick.

I completed my CCW interview in early April. The Deputy was very likeable and professional as I was very impressed with his demeanor and approach. The interview started by him describing the process and why we were meeting. He wanted to make it clear we would go over line by line my application. He did note that due to the size of my file, very thin, that it should be fairly painless interview. He joked that if it was a thick file we would be talking for a while.

He explained a little about the liability associated with having a CCW if one needed to use it. We went over that brandish of a weapon, even with a CCW, is a crime. However, mitigating circumstances often clear the CCW holder once the details are explained to LE.

I was very open on my application and did not try to cover up anything. Funny enough, he still had some info for which I had completely forgotten about that happened over 17 years ago. I was not cited, however, it was ‘in the system.’

At the end of the interview he told me that he felt I was a citizen of good moral character and should be allowed to CCW and that my application would go forward as such. Apparently, packages go forward in groups so you really don’t know how long it may ‘sit’ before moving forward.

The deputy said I should hear something in 6-8 weeks.

Still standing by.

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