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Originally Posted by cbn620 View Post
Long time shooter, first time Calguns poster. Being the outcast in various other forums as "the guy from California", I take interest in this camaraderie you fellas have going here. We as Californians really need to step up and take our rights back from these emotionally minded rights-grabbing leftists with no concept of what it truly means to be American and free.

Politically minded, I am many things. You could describe me as an anarcho-syndicalist, a libertarian socialist, an agorist, a classical liberal, or simply a member of the libertarian-left. I am to many extents pro-Constitution (though willing to accept change) and FOR the abolishment of gun control. I consider myself an activist in the interest of freedom--that includes the right to bear arms. I am huge into various AK models/variations in all forms, including VEPR and SAIGA. I like AR's but the options here in California disappoint me. I am also a bit of a history buff and as such enjoy the typical repertoire of military surplus weaponry of all eras. Last but not least, high-precision shooting instruments of the bolt-action variety.

I'm a bit wordy (did you notice?), a bit on the opinionated side, and I'm sure there will be folks here who will disagree with my sometimes radical opinions. Still, we're all firearms enthusiasts here and I'm sure despite any discrepancy we can respect one and other. Hope to make some friends and only a few enemies (wink). I was referred to this site because I heard you folks know your stuff when it comes to CA-legal ARs and AKs. If anyone ever has something to drop me on that subject, feel free to PM or email at

Welcome to the only place on the net you wont have to explain why you live in CA. Still the greatest place where land and sky meet the sea. Looking forward to polite agreement and disagreement. Pull up a chair.
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