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Originally Posted by CCWUSA View Post
Jim is not available to respond right now....

Florida has some very wide exceptions for acceptable proof of prior training; They will accept Military or Law Enforcement Training, NRA Courses, Classes taught by an NRA Instructor, Any State Courses or courses taught by a State Certified Instructor, Hunter Safety Courses, or a Hunting License, Evidence of participation in organized competition such as IDPA, USPSA, SASS, or any "Organized Competition" no specific definition listed. There is also no formal and specific "Range Qualification" required...I typically use the San Diego Sheriff's Range Qual for my students that do not have some proof of prior training, or I encourage them to attend an actual "Defensive Handgun Course" where they will learn Marksmanship, Gun Handling, Drawing from Concealment, malfunction clearing, reloads, shooting from cover, and shooting on the move. I offer these classes in SoCal, and you can check with Jim or LMS Defense for this type of class in NorCal. Getting your Permit is really only the first step! Learn how to effectively use your firearm under STRESS is an entirely different class that anyone who owns a firearm should attend on a regular basis. Think of it as your very first Driver's License...then consider how mich time you have behind the wheel. Formal Firearms Training is an excellent way to drastically improve your Defensive Firearms Skill Sets, and see what techniques and tactics work best for you.

Your gun will not save your ***, but your Tactics just might!

Be the Weapon! Training like you fight...fight to win!

Thanks Bill for the reply. Which one of the above classes or groups does Jim class fall into?
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