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Originally Posted by SGT Loco View Post
Depends on how well you know and trust your armorers. Ours is probably one of the most trustworthy guys in the unit- I wouldn't hesitate to leave a weapon of mine in his care.
I never messed with guys weapons who decided to leave them in the armory, only if they wanted me to work on them. But, at least in the Marine Corps, It is a pain to get your weapon out to go shooting at the range over the wekend. From what I remember, one has to get written permission from the Battalion CO to be able to check out the weapon over the weekend. Now this isn't a problem if you are one of his admin sluts, but if you are a regular guy in one of the companies, or batteries if you are artillery, then its a pain in the ***. Basically it more hassle than it is worth to leave it in the armory. I would find an NCO or another friend who lives out in town to leave it with, in the case that you live in the barracks.
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