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Surprised he didn't have 'winning' and 'tigerblood' in his sig... originally.

Originally Posted by Mute View Post
Is it wrong that I'm thoroughly entertained by this thread?
only if you're sporting wood.

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This guy is really looking for the smack-down!!

He sent me an email demanding that his account be unblocked, well he actually said "unblock my account homo".
I told him I would not be unblocking his account so he replied with this gem:

So can anyone tell me how many laws his threat violates?

Show of hands?
The fail is strong with this one! He's butt hurt and going to try and ruin the lives of innocent people? He needs to be de-effeminated.
With all this "gun control" talk, I've not heard one politician say how they plan on taking guns from criminals, just law abiding Citizens.

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5 guys, hot damn thats some good eat'n.
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damn, i duped my own thread...first time i did a poll