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I've always been a fan of this range because of the things they allow, including double taps and rifles with proper permits, and the events they host such as CCC shoots, action/IPSC/USPSA style shoots, etc. Their customer service is consistently top-notch, with the staff always treating me with courtesy, respect, and dare I say, friendliness. I know it can get hairy on the weekends sometimes, but that's not their fault - if anything it's just a indicator of how awesome they are. The RSO's have promptly responded to any safety concerns that I notice, and most of the time they're already on it because they keep a watchful eye on the CCTV feeds. Keep up the good work!

I know there have been a few complaints posted on Yelp and here on Calguns occasionally. But without fail, in each and every one of those comments, I can point out a good reason why their experience ended up the way it did. (Safety violations, mainly) These complaints were presumably written in the light most favorable to the complainer with the bad details conveniently omitted or "forgotten," yet I would not hesitate to place most, if not all, of the blame on the customer who felt was wronged in those instances. That's how bad and obvious they are. I'm tempted to go on yelp to respond to those complaints as a fellow customer and shooter, as *I* would not want them anywhere near me when they're in possession of a firearm.

I'm hardly the fan boy, but I would also be frustrated having to deal with safety issues all day only to have those very same dangerous people blame me for getting called out on it. Fundamentally I think it's a misunderstanding of how serious firearm safety is, and how seriously it is taken by those who have more than a passing familiarity.