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I attended Darren's class yesterday and just wanted to post a thumbs up. It was a great class!

I'm a self-taught shooter, and though I've been shooting for a lot of years, have never taken a formal defensive shooting class. The Tac Pistol class really opened my eyes on situational awareness and defensive techniques.

Most importantly, it helped me identify weaknesses and areas I needed to improve that I couldn't really identify on my own. Having a good instructor and the pressure of the shot timer are really vital to identifying strengths and weaknesses.

The class was taught in a safe and professional manner, but Darren also seemed to design it to be a good time. The drills were educational, but they were all really fun to do. A big part of it was also the great group of people yesterday. Even though it was training, it was also kinda like just hanging out at the range with your buddies.

Anyway, for any of you that have just done range or plinking time on your own, I highly recommend this class as a great foundation in tactical pistol skills.
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