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Originally Posted by pyro3k2 View Post
TGI built FPK, all matching serial numbers. Simonov 400 meter POSP x4 scope. It shoots 1.5moa again not a precision rifle but a "sniper" rifle none the less.
It's the precision of a rifle that designates it as a sniper rifle. The term 'sniper rifle' is an actual grade of rifle. In order for a rifle to qualify as a sniper grade rifle, it has to be able to achieve 1 MOA or less. Just putting a scope on a rifle and using it in a tactical fashion does not make it a sniper rifle.

Now on the other hand, a rifle can be deemed precise based on someone's relative association with precision. Calling a rifle a precision rifle is actually more of a blanket term than calling it a sniper rifle. One term carries actual measurable standards. The other is based solely on someone's perspective.

I would call a rifle that can achieve 1.5 MOA a fairly precise rifle. It's not a sniper rifle, but precise nonetheless. Your standard M16 battle rifle is a 3-4 minute weapon. Not precise and not designed to be.
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