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Spoke to MCSO today, as June 1st was supposed to be the date when they would begin accepting applications. Was advised that they need "a bit more time" to make "a few last revisions" and add a cover letter and instructions to the applicant packet.
As they have taken my name and number, they assured me that they would notify me when they are ready for me to apply.
Let's give them another week, and if they're still not ready by then, its time to speak up as a group.
Note: I have no idea if anyone at MCSO reads this stuff. If they do it would be easy for at least some of them to figure out who I am, based on the timing of my comms with them and these posts. So be it. What we're doing here does not need to be covert, or deceptive in any way. We simply want the right to apply for CCW permits, and fair evaluation of those permits under the "shalll issue" policy Sheriff Miller promised us when he was still a candidate asking for our votes.
First step is get them to begin accepting applications. Seems almost ridiculous to even need to list that as a step, but that's where we are.
Next step is to see how well they honor their promises.
Stay tuned.
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